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 Post subject: Wtt 5 85s. Geared!+alts!
PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 7:00 pm 

Joined: Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:30 pm
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Hey, this is my 2nd time on here. Last rogue recalled the account. Reported him but i doubt they didnt anything. So i decided to give it 1 more shot because i need something new to do.So here are my alts.

85 Tauren Druid-Full Vicious/bloodthirsty Resto, Boomkin gear. vicious weapon, offhand, relic, shoulders. 4050 Resil!!!3/5 vicious for Feral. Working on feral atm should have weapon next tuesday.(2k point cap) i have 2k achievement. 1750 3s achievement. Epic flyer 500 Jewlcrafting and 525 skinning. Raven lord, Pheonix hatchling and some other vanity too!My main.

85 Orc Warrior- 4/5 Bloodthirsty ms. Gets Vicious weapon next tuesday:D vicious belt, trinket. Working on others atm. Reg flyer 480ish mining:P Nothing else on him

85 Troll Mage- 4/5 bloodthirsty vicious gloves. Vicious wep(Gets offhand/relic tuesday) Some bloodthirsty offsets. Epic Flyer 525 Alchemy(Transmute master) 525 herbalism!

85 Orc Shaman- Fresh 85 no gear. Reg flyer. Close to heroic ready!:p

85 Blood Elf Priest- 2/5 Bloodthirsty some blues heroic ready!:p Epic flyer 470ish tailoring!:D

82 Blood Elf Death Knight- nice gear. about 63k tank set. too lazy to level

80 Blood Elf Paladin. NO GEAR!450 enchanting/mining. Epic flyer:P
70 Blood Elf mage- Almost 100% BiS. 20k MANA! Fire set with almost 50% crit unbuffed!MECHANO HOG!Epic Flyer! 2000 Mmr for arena!450 Jewlcrafting/450 Engineering!Yes!An amazing alt one of the BEST level 70 twinks in the world.
Now, Since this is my 2nd time trading and the other person recalled im being more careful. My time doesnt run out for about 1 1/2 months. So put a month on your account and were fine.
I am looking for the following!And only the following!!!!
Rogue+++++++++++++++++++++++++Really enjoyed it:/
That is all i am interested in. Maybe a Very geared full vicious Resto Shaman.
All i ask for is Full Bloodthirsty and Vicious wep. Since i am asking for 1 character i expect it to be atleast as geared as my druid. If not better. So hit me up at
1313-515-7732. Call or text is fine. Ill respond FAST!:P
Don't recall this is my last time doing this. If you do i might just bann both accounts because im thinking of quiting anyways.
Sooooo just text me if you're interested or call.(Btw if i gear warrior before offer's come in. Im not trading so make it quick)

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