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 Post subject: Druid / mage / DK
PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:42 pm 

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Each one of these characters has a lot to it but I will try to keep it short =]
All characters are up for Server transfer if want/need be.

Main character: Level 80 Druid.
This character has 25 man kingslayer, and tons of other titles. Including (Conquerer of Ulduar, Champion of Ulduar, Jenkins, Of the Nightfall, Champion of the Frozen Wastes, Starcaller, The Astral Walker, The Immortal, Twilight Vanquisher, The Patient, Of the Ashen Verdict)
Mainspec healer: GS 6285 He has almost every piece of best in slot gear. Most of his gear is heroic quality only obtainable by doing the hardest dungeons on their hardest difficulties.
Offspec moonkin: GS 6000 He has extremely good gear. He is missing a few of the best pieces in this set but still top notch gear.
Off-offspec Tank GS 5900 This gear is still extremely viable and could be used in any encounter as a worthy set. Could use a few new pieces.
He is sitting on about 1,000 gold.
He has epic flying (all together costs over 6,000 gold!!) and many rare mounts. (Red proto-drake, Twilight Drake, Ironbound proto-drake, Cenarion war hippogryph, Red Qiraji' battle tank.(extremely rare and is a Feat of Strength, soon to be un-obtainable) Armored Brown Bear, )
Character has obtainted 310% mount flying training, which means all mounts are 310%!! In the next expansion <2 months away, this will be bought for over 1,000 gold.
Has over 1,000 Justice points.
Two professions both at max skill! (Jewelcrafting 450 / Mining 450) Many rare and epic cuts. Both great ways to make some serious gold.
Across the whole account I have purchased almost *every*(missing axe and bow) heirloom piece. These are almost invalluable and increase the leveling characters experience by 20% while leveling!
Bank is full of un-cut Uncommon, Rare, and Epic gems!
This character has over 80 days of my own personal time invested, yes almost three months!

Second character: Level 80 Mage
This character has a few titles. (Jenkins, Of the Nightfall, Champion of the Frozen wastes, Twilight Vanquisher, The patient)
Mainspec Fire: GS 5400 This character does raid IcecrownCitadel and has collected more then enough pieces to do some great damage.
Character has epic flying skill. (worth over 6,000 gold!!) Has a few rare mounts including (Nether ray mounts(extremely long reputation grind taking months), Black War Tiger, Tailoring made mounts)
Has over 500 Justice points.
Two professions also at max skill! (Tailoring 450 / Mining 450) I love mining. =] Great way to make gold and to craft gear.
Character has around 1,000 gold
This character has over 50 days of my own personal time invested as well.

Third Character: Level 80 Death Knight
This character has no titles.
Mainspec Frost: GS 3000 This character is not raid ready though is an extremely fun toon. Easily with help from gold on other toons could be made ready to start raiding.
Character has Northerend and Regular flying. (Worth about 2,000 gold!)
Has around 200 Justice points.
One profession. (Engineering 358) Extremely fun profession, lots of nifty things to make.
Character has around 100 gold.
This Character has about 15 days invested time on it.

I have many other alts. None worth writing out every detail about though.
50 paladin, 45 warrior, 44 Paladin, 36 Hunter, and many other random toons spread throughout.

Any questions about specifics on gear/experience/what have you. Feel free to ask. I can link armory sheets and answer questions upon request!

Looking for around $500 but taking offers

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